Thursday, 28 November 2013


Low amount of stress is good for a healthy body and mind. However, excess and prolonged stressful situations can be highly detrimental to a person’s overall well-being. It can act as the triggers to a host of pathological conditions and at times, may lead to many unexplainable complex psychosomatic disorders requiring medical attention. Before it is too late to handle stress, from the beginning, it is better to recognize its sources and take appropriate measures to minimize or contain it. Since stressful conditions are likely to drain our energy and throw us into utter disarray, blurring our capacity of judgment; immediate precautions are called for to resolve the conflicts; personally or if required, with the help of others. It is all about reaching out ‘soon’ to the right persons; friends, family members, well-wishers, near and dear ones, or professional counselors, etc. to get out of the vicious grips of stress and be in charge. 

Friday, 15 November 2013


By walking a modest 30 minutes to one hour per day continuously and briskly it is possible to avert a number of lifestyle diseases and problems associated with ageing or to bring them under control. It is an exercise that suits everyone; non-strenuous, saves on time, and is thoroughly enjoyable. Try to picture in your mind, the pure ecstasy of a child when he/she learned the precious and finer tricks of walking. Walking is like giggling and you too can now set out again to recreate it and experience for yourself. Yes, that is possible, if you can turn to the child in you, while walking to searching that part of yourself. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013


At the beginning and end of the day, we all want to be happy; but ask yourself honestly, and you shall discover, you don’t have the final answer as yet (or, may be you already have!). From birth till death, in the life of a person, this aspect keeps on recurring, without a final resolution.  The truth is; complete happiness is perhaps attainable only in a state of either complete attachment or detachment from the externals, and internal interplays; encountered in and during the course of our conscious transactions as a being. However, it is a desirable, near-attainable but is asocial and hence; utopian. Personally though, one can have it to varied degrees through efforts. 

The feeling of happiness is relative to what we want and what we get, constrained by the environment, situations, events and the measure of our willingness to find it. The infinite layers of happiness that we wear, are our becoming and own making, to a great extent. This is an individualistic phenomenon without any finality or limit about it. Each one of us is different from the other, in terms of its realization and how happy we are in the process. Happiness is also dependent on our own psychosomatic makeup and is cultivable. It is a crude and finer aspect of our life. When added up, happiness could be a collective existential phenomena. 

Saturday, 2 November 2013


A fruitful and desirable life is achievable only when we are ready to receive and seek it in our consciousness. It is a state where we have optimum health, abundant mental peace, absolute security, plenty of material sufficiency, spiraling spiritual enlightenment, total inclusiveness; without any extremes of purposes.

Realize and know that you are born with a divine purpose. Each and every human being is unique, having infinite potentials to grow. It is a self discovery, a journey to unfold. Life is precious, yet short and we need to finish our mission, in a manner that is fulfilling and in harmony with each element of our surrounding. It is to achieve a completeness, which is satisfying till the next moment, with no regrets; a life well lived and enjoyed to the core.