Friday, 16 November 2007


iContact, with over 100,000 users worldwide, launched a unique feature called the iContact Community that allows visitors to comment, rank, and discuss email newsletters, making email interactive for the first time and enabling subscriber discussions around email content. The Community allows email marketers to create a public profile, publicly archive their newsletters and blog posts, tag and categorize their newsletters and blog posts, get their content indexed in Google, participate in discussions with subscribers, and easily grow their opt-in lists. In a Digg-like model, the more interesting and relevant the content the iContact customers publish is, the more likely it will get votes from visitors leading to more exposure and more subscribers. The top ranked content in each category will show up on the community home page. All community content as well as the community profile will be indexed by Google and the major search engines, allowing publishers to get more visitors and subscribers.
Visitors to the iContact Community can vote on their favorite content, comment on content, view the top ranked content within each of the 18 categories like entertainment, politics, and travel, create a public profile, discuss topics that interest them in the forums, and find new publishers who are creating email newsletters, RSS feeds, and blogs about topics they are interested in. It’s an exciting experience to be able to vote on a newsletter that you feel has great content and see it move up in its category. The iContact Community has over 120,000 registered members and 212,000 pieces of content on it three days after launch. If you want to publish your email newsletters to the iContact Community to help you grow your list and easily reach your subscribers with very good inbox deliverability, you can sign up for a free trial of iContact. The design of the site is rather nice.

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Abuse is a most sinister form of violence and aggression perpetuated subtly on victims who are usually defenseless and most often innocent. It degenerates both the victims and victors inflicting bleeding wounds and ghastly scares in their body, mind and soul that cannot be healed easily.
The abusers never win in spite of the false sense of victory that might appear as real for a distorted time only. The written histories of tales of torture are replete with such truths as falsehood. The sadistic triumphs are so deceiving that it simply annihilates and wipeouts the so called gains of the victors’ erroneous sense of pride and worth that evaporates fast.
As a rule, the abusers are persons with a maggot infested psyche that is largely injured and in tatters yet pretend to live in the image of man with a neatly crafted camouflage and lots of masks. They are so much mauled and sick that they try to heal themselves by tormenting others. Most of them repeat their sufferings by enacting it again and again on others who were never responsible for their miseries. The abusers are usually cowards and atheists who challenge the basic precepts of divinity and morality expected of a conscious being. The saddest part of this is that the victims of the abusers are the ones near or dear to them or persons who never imagined them to be harmful. The abusers are bereft of any human dignity and therefore they are the beasts amongst us. Let us shun abuse and act to counter it in any form. Abuse cannot be justified by any means.