Sunday, 29 December 2013


There are various forms of meditations as per the traditions of the great masters or Gurus. These traditions though, differ from each other, yet they have the common goal of making the practitioners’ mind and body calm, healthy and help in opening up the paths to spirituality. If done correctly and regularly, meditation can be a real blessing for the learners. Now, consider the following reasons before you actually decide to start your meditation mission.

(1) Though the mainstream meditation traditions come from the sages and saints of Hinduism and Buddhism, in itself, meditation is free from religions and rituals, as it has been perfected for the benefit of the mankind, in general; just like Ayurveda (plants and natural elements based healing/treatment system), Pranayama (breathing techniques) or Yogasana (Yogic postures). With this universal appeal, meditation can safely be practiced by all; as a well proven, scientific, natural, and neutral system to promote well-being and healing. Above all,the system of meditation is resilient enough and can be adapted to certain specific requirements of the students and practitioners of all backgrounds, by keeping the core principles, intact.

Monday, 23 December 2013


By utilizing the available vacant land patches in our houses, it is possible to create greenery aplenty, just in our spare times and without much expenditure. Above all, owning a salubrious home garden, bristling with vibrant fruit and flower bearing plants with lush foliage can, in itself, be a unique spiritual-worldly experience, per se. It can be an extension of the world of our own, where we can create, recreate, experiment and give shape to the sacred space we want; that is much intimate, familiar, natural and private or personal. A home garden, when developed with care and consideration, can be a pride possession and a place of natural beauty in the locality. Even in a thick urban jungle of steel and concrete, and while pursuing a very busy life; we still can have the luxury of living side by side with nature, naturally. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Attracting abundance and to feel full, satiated or contented is everyone’s dream. Yet, for many of us, this is an elusive question that remains unsolved for long or may be for ever, and a source of constant quest. For reaching that distant goal of plenty-someday, somehow, we need to reorient ourselves and act in right earnest. If we keep on hoping that the miracles would happen to us soon, then; for all practical purposes, our hopes are going to be realized and the prayers answered. This has happened to many and it is going to happen to us also, sooner or later for sure. By keeping on hoping and trying, we shall experience abundance in our life, positively. Today, tomorrow, and also the day after; we can go on attracting health, wealth, status, power, peace, prosperity and successes for ourselves, only when we are in control of ourselves and not under the sway of our pursuits; those that are mostly worldly or mundane. Basically, abundance is a state of mind and an understanding of our limitations and potentials. By always being thankful with gratitude to the bounties of our blessings that flows to us constantly, we can ensure our own abundance.This naturally starts from the self to the gains and not the other way around