Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I suddenly realized that the I have gone plain kaput in miserably failing to blog something, for long (knowing fully well that out there in the wild wild web no one really waits for my 'brilliant and extra-ordinary' writings: I must admit that I certainly do wait to read it in a corner of my house)—In fact, for almost a month I have written just nothing. Perhaps, I have been experiencing the unexpected pangs of the writer’s block or may be I have become plain lazy for no apparent reasons. But something must be true!
For the last several days I have been pondering the meltdown—I mean the economic at large that the entire human beings are into in spite of the best efforts of the best world leaders, planners, economists and the religionists. It is simply mind boggling to even think that all the best efforts by all the best people can not prevent such a reversal of the economic fortunes of billions and billions of the people of the globe. Gods and man of the streets as well as the mighty who swore by their hefty coffers have of late gone shy and limp. I do not fully understand the nitty-gritty of the sudden erosion of the finical fortunes of so many people like I never comprehended the erosion of the moral values of or even the fatal hole that has been wrought at the ozone layer. Alike, the meltdown of the polar ice caps and the rise in the atmospheric temperature lives me scurrying for appropriate answers, in spite of the plethora of such explanations available. Frankly, I can never be sure as to why any such things really happen to an intelligent race like us. Is it that society and its various processes follow their own laws or we abet and aid any such anomalies that could bring miseries in ways beyond our comprehension?
As a person these events have stirred me enough to worry about myself and my future. It has also helped me to start thinking like others, everywhere. Though, I do not have any magic solutions for these problems and knowing that there will be people who eventually bring in the desired changes to correct the anomalies that besiege the human race from time to time; I must admit that it has certainly given enough fodder to, at least thing something and of course write a much awaited write-up for my blog. Perhaps and most hopefully, I am now out of my writer’s block—or may be I think so.