Friday, 15 August 2008


But, where is the sea, the ol’man often philosophized sitting near the river that was created by none other than himself in sheer desperation to justify his own virility, without knowing that his agonies can not be doused in the salty waters of an imaginary sea that the moth eaten time has set as a lure for him. The descriptions of the yellowish history books are his oxygenated dreams that often rare to spread their nail laced wings in some fairy looking lands full of waters, yet muddy and filthy. He hated the stinking aroma of the expansive rebuff spread from the shore to the horizon and on to the bluish sky that invariably aroused his thirst manifold and left him exasperated.
Over the years from a shy boy born at the beautiful village by the lotus infested pond, he has taken a lot of pains to turn into an ol’man bereft of a burrow under the sun and without an ego to lord over an entertainer and begetter soul to scatter his dreams and to get ready to denounce the illusory world, someday. However, that was not his fault for he knew enough of the philosophies of life and its aftereffects but had no co-conspirator to enact the acts. He therefore felt deserted and turned into a traveler to mop up the cooperation of the unfortunate and discarded throbs, ready to cast a spell under the influence of a concoction of an expensive facial lotion.
For the ol’man who was secretly enthusiastic about being sold in the newly constructed market place, found the bargain too cumbersome or skewed and decided to court sainthood taking recourse under the tutelage of some almost currently famous gods and goddesses he had maligned and caricatured in his heydays to attract the withdrawn attentions of the prospective mates. Perhaps the astrologers were never satisfied with the fee offered by him or the demonic influences of the heavenly bodies were unreasonable that slow poisoned him to go bankrupt in the matters of the hearts. He longed to be loved and involved but to no avail that embolden him enough to advertise for his desirability through the famous unscrupulous middleman of the town. It is when they failed him being the agents for themselves that he realized to be in deep waters and secretly sought to be victimized in the hands of the saints.
As a afterthought, the ol’man thought it to be of utmost importance to acquire divine powers for himself by inventing touch therapy and rain making techniques to create a hallow around himself and to satisfy his nasty dreams amidst the gullible clients. They gave a false pride to feel guilty and enough reasons to regret in his ever increasing solitude far away from the she.