Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The bigots and scoundrels infest the promised kingdom of God to engage in protracted conspiracy to subdue the voice of sanity of humanity by drawing their machetes and daggers by the dense nights singing the high pitched hymns to draw blood of the innocents in the hope that as the preferred agents and middlemen of their respective God(s) and prophets a hallucinogenic heaven is their rewards. These are the self appointed racketeers and marketers and profit-bookers who swear by the sacred scriptures to desecrate their brother’s and sister’s, mother’s and father’s innocence, compassion, affection and love to plunder their small destinies to build their clandestine sacred empires. They say that they are divinely authorized to loot, plunder, erase, defile and deface the gods and their adherents to prove the righteousness of their holy illusions. Neither they have shame nor do they have fear of their creator(s) that supposedly they represent. In the name of salvation, these traders of death and destruction plunge the earth to darkness and bring miseries for everyone. Faith never dies and the rabid dogmas never take anyone beyond a grave, atop which the little flowers of hope always bloom.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Pranayam, refers to a number of associated age-old traditional techniques through which one can regulate and make his/her breathing normal, systematic and rhythmic. It fills the individual with life-force and maintains the homeostasis of the body. In Hindu Yoga scriptures, the inhaled air is considered as the Prana or life force that sustains any living being.
Inhalation and exhalation of the pure air, if done in the right manner, can increase the vital forces of our body and free us from most of the sufferings arising out of consciously or unconsciously induced imbalances that ultimately manifests as diseases in us. These are the Vikaras (aberrations) which can be effectively contained by means of proper and right food (Ahara), living and lifestyle (Vihara), and thought (Vichara). Simultaneously, the Vicaras are to be corrected to have the desired results.
Pranayam is soothing and beneficial to all though there are certain restrictions that should be taken into account, as well. When one practices Pranayam regularly his/her life-forces are adequately reinforced and the individual experiences calmness, tranquility and enters an exalted state of well-being. It conserves and increases the inner strength and stamina by optimizing the immune system. Due to correct breathing of pure air, the intake of oxygen reaches its optimum level and the inner impurities are expelled adequately as per the actual constitutional requirements of the individual. Thus, it helps the body to remain healthy and robust. The creative faculty increases manifold that aids the practitioners of Pranayam to cope with the environment in an intelligent manner. Almost all the cells of our body remain completely recharged and therefore, the individual is less likely to contact any psycho-somatic diseases. Through Pranayam, the existing diseases can also be contained and the healing time, shortened to a great extent. It has been observed that the ageing process of the body can be considerably slowed down with a corresponding increase in the lifespan of the individual. Since Pranayam positively improves the functioning of the vital organs, the regeneration processes are quickly set in, in an integrated manner, thereby accelerating the pace of healing. It further acts as a natural rejuvenator of the body and mind as well as the spiritual aspects of an individual gets nourished. Pranayam connects and reconnects the individual to the environment at several levels, starting from the self itself. Therefore, the innate and manifest conflicts are resolved or minimized which paves ways for growth and development of the persona.
There are several well-defined time tested Pranayam techniques that can be very easily perfected through enjoyable and joyous practice sessions of short duration. Anyone desirous of balancing his/her body, mind and wants to experience expansive bliss and happiness to share it with others or enter the planes of spiritualism (ascetic or non-ascetic) can find it useful.
It is also believed that the Chakras or the principal energy centers of the body and mind can also be energized through the right practice of Pranayam techniques. The Yogis harness the energy of Kundalini by lifting it upward through the path of the spinal cord, to a rare state of Samadhi.
As with everything else, Pranayam should also be done properly to get its full benefits. Though, most of the techniques are very easy to learn and practice, the beginners should first gain knowledge of the techniques from an enlightened Yoga teacher who in principle ‘gives’ it to the seekers without commercial considerations. All the instructions given by the teacher should be followed in right earnest and must not be taken lightly. For the starter, it is better to practice the recommended Pranayam in group situation because the combined vibration would benefit all the participants that may not be available to them if they do it alone, at least in the beginning stage. Doing Pranayam also purifies the atmosphere and increases its effects, even at homes.
An individual who is practicing Pranayam has also to the adjustment to his lifestyle that is compatible and not in conflict with himself/herself or with the very noble spirit of the exercise by following certain prescribed principles of living. However, this has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s religious domain but chiefly concerns his/her thoughts, habits and preferences of life and living. Most importantly, it dwells on his ‘being’. One’s inner voices are as important as the external imperatives and prerogatives or priorities or principles. If someone decides to improve, heal himself/herself, develop or evolve; than he/she can take to Pranayam and gain immensely. But, it has to be remembered that certainly, Pranayam is neither miracle nor magic but a natural way that completely agrees with the cardinal principles of nature itself (and of course therefore, that of the higher power and will of God—whatever may be his/her name and shape). It prepares one to scale higher and higher in his/her sojourn of eternal quest. In order to accrue the positive benefits of Pranayam, one needs to have patience, perseverance, resolve and faith—in himself/herself and in the higher consciousness.

Friday, 22 August 2008


Grieve not for the loss nor rejoice on your fortune for they are the trifles and transient like the toys of your childhood and would not last for the next while or may be you yourself would not need them at all by the next daybreak. Everything, the happenings and you are but the complementary illusions believed to be the justifiable living, though in essence, they are not and are a pack of cards for the convenience of dangerous gambling. Assure yourself therefore not of heaven which baffles even the most righteous, yet the staple for the stupid and naiveté but the sufferings of the hell in knowing that it is better to debunk the unforeseeable comfort of the engulfing darkness that duplicates for the lights.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


He who has usurped your honor and wealth, know that, he would not remain the perpetrator by tomorrow, for he is destined to succumb to the destiny that lay in wait for him in stealth silence and very soon fall prey to the nefarious designs that he wove in false arrogance unwittingly to entangle himself to bleed soon to his gory death. While he mutilates his invincibility, you would have the last laugh, either he would find himself face to face with his shattered ego or lose his armors when he crumbles under the very shadow of his self created weights.

Friday, 15 August 2008


But, where is the sea, the ol’man often philosophized sitting near the river that was created by none other than himself in sheer desperation to justify his own virility, without knowing that his agonies can not be doused in the salty waters of an imaginary sea that the moth eaten time has set as a lure for him. The descriptions of the yellowish history books are his oxygenated dreams that often rare to spread their nail laced wings in some fairy looking lands full of waters, yet muddy and filthy. He hated the stinking aroma of the expansive rebuff spread from the shore to the horizon and on to the bluish sky that invariably aroused his thirst manifold and left him exasperated.
Over the years from a shy boy born at the beautiful village by the lotus infested pond, he has taken a lot of pains to turn into an ol’man bereft of a burrow under the sun and without an ego to lord over an entertainer and begetter soul to scatter his dreams and to get ready to denounce the illusory world, someday. However, that was not his fault for he knew enough of the philosophies of life and its aftereffects but had no co-conspirator to enact the acts. He therefore felt deserted and turned into a traveler to mop up the cooperation of the unfortunate and discarded throbs, ready to cast a spell under the influence of a concoction of an expensive facial lotion.
For the ol’man who was secretly enthusiastic about being sold in the newly constructed market place, found the bargain too cumbersome or skewed and decided to court sainthood taking recourse under the tutelage of some almost currently famous gods and goddesses he had maligned and caricatured in his heydays to attract the withdrawn attentions of the prospective mates. Perhaps the astrologers were never satisfied with the fee offered by him or the demonic influences of the heavenly bodies were unreasonable that slow poisoned him to go bankrupt in the matters of the hearts. He longed to be loved and involved but to no avail that embolden him enough to advertise for his desirability through the famous unscrupulous middleman of the town. It is when they failed him being the agents for themselves that he realized to be in deep waters and secretly sought to be victimized in the hands of the saints.
As a afterthought, the ol’man thought it to be of utmost importance to acquire divine powers for himself by inventing touch therapy and rain making techniques to create a hallow around himself and to satisfy his nasty dreams amidst the gullible clients. They gave a false pride to feel guilty and enough reasons to regret in his ever increasing solitude far away from the she.

Monday, 11 August 2008


Now a days, the ifs and buts are what you are supposed to live with when the realities are far off and downgraded to esoteric promised salvations of questionable planes having a life of proxy, in measured times. If you would not come or if I would not go and still if we don’t suffer in each others tormented arms than where can we have the love, desirable, yet ugly? If at all it happens, would not you have a face other than what you pretend to wear now behind the reinforced concrete walls of your abode and body? If you resurrect me and if I drop dead in the very morning that you say you had been waiting for, would you feign your ignorance or proclaim your indulgence? Do you know, to be together is to forgo the niceties and accept the skeletons that lie beneath the shadows of morality and truths, of others? If the heavens fall, and if the erstwhile relations go pale or the raw hunger overtakes you and if at that time you find me meditating in a dilapidated temple, you better wait for me. That could be last time we could touch the protruding affections, perhaps if you would like not to calculate the gains and losses, again. Still, let me ask, do you have any qualm in living a life of makeshift fulfillment that you won recently or you prefer the legends of yesteryears and gasp for breath desiring asphyxiation ? I wait to get, only if, I could one day turn into a knight from a much maligned frog with seven souls that is glorified under the spell of fate, since yesterday.

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Hanuman Ji, the epic monkey God is Lord Rama’s principal devotee. In Ramayana, Hanuman Ji finds a prominent mention for his love of his Lord and for his brevity to protect and defend Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lord Laxamana. Hanuman Ji is worshiped by the Hindus and considered to be the protector of those in danger or difficulties.
Reportedly, the 2008 American Democratic Party Presidential candidate in the country's election, Shri Barack Obama is a devotee of Hanuman Ji. Due to this Shri Obama is immensely popular in India, so also Hanuman Ji, worldwide literally; after of course, the heaven--the original abode of the Gods and Goddesses. Om Shanti.

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of life and the cosmos is considered as part of the holy trinity according to Hindu theosophy; the other two Gods being Lord Brahma, the progenitor and Lord Shiva, the destroyer. The ancient stone idol is found along with other deities at Harishankar, a picturesque hillock, situated in about 85 kilometers away from Balangir of Orissa, India. Harishankar is a preferred destination for the pilgrims and revellers alike.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Lord Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati is worshipped by the Hindus. He loves and showers his blessings on all.