Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The bigots and scoundrels infest the promised kingdom of God to engage in protracted conspiracy to subdue the voice of sanity of humanity by drawing their machetes and daggers by the dense nights singing the high pitched hymns to draw blood of the innocents in the hope that as the preferred agents and middlemen of their respective God(s) and prophets a hallucinogenic heaven is their rewards. These are the self appointed racketeers and marketers and profit-bookers who swear by the sacred scriptures to desecrate their brother’s and sister’s, mother’s and father’s innocence, compassion, affection and love to plunder their small destinies to build their clandestine sacred empires. They say that they are divinely authorized to loot, plunder, erase, defile and deface the gods and their adherents to prove the righteousness of their holy illusions. Neither they have shame nor do they have fear of their creator(s) that supposedly they represent. In the name of salvation, these traders of death and destruction plunge the earth to darkness and bring miseries for everyone. Faith never dies and the rabid dogmas never take anyone beyond a grave, atop which the little flowers of hope always bloom.