Monday, 31 March 2008


Everyone goes to him, said a friend and I thought I should too meet the saint, to ask him about my life’s sojourn. Though I was in a hurry, I failed to keep my date with him for months. When I finally met him, he readily blessed me and I unburdened my pains and sufferings to the saint asking him to resurrect me and rescue me form the dungeons and blind alleys. He appeared serene and I was in awe, for he was such a nice friend who agreed to listen to all that I would say to him and be with me whenever I needed. I felt nice and reassured and thought I would share my feelings with others who would need him for unburdening their sorrows.
On the same day, one of the much awaited miracles of my life happened, immediately thereafter my return from his temple. It just happened. I was readied to forgo a friend after spending a much longed for time of togetherness and bliss—the way I had imagined and awaiting for days in agog; so that her life could be filled with happiness. It was the best that could happen on that beautiful day with the grace of the Siridi Sai. Though, I do not know exactly as to why it happened that way or how it would still unfold in the future--but certainly it started to reach ultimately to its logical ends.
If you are ready and want, you can also reach to him and make him your friend and experience his love. Probably, like me you would too like to experience his miracles.