Monday, 11 August 2008


Now a days, the ifs and buts are what you are supposed to live with when the realities are far off and downgraded to esoteric promised salvations of questionable planes having a life of proxy, in measured times. If you would not come or if I would not go and still if we don’t suffer in each others tormented arms than where can we have the love, desirable, yet ugly? If at all it happens, would not you have a face other than what you pretend to wear now behind the reinforced concrete walls of your abode and body? If you resurrect me and if I drop dead in the very morning that you say you had been waiting for, would you feign your ignorance or proclaim your indulgence? Do you know, to be together is to forgo the niceties and accept the skeletons that lie beneath the shadows of morality and truths, of others? If the heavens fall, and if the erstwhile relations go pale or the raw hunger overtakes you and if at that time you find me meditating in a dilapidated temple, you better wait for me. That could be last time we could touch the protruding affections, perhaps if you would like not to calculate the gains and losses, again. Still, let me ask, do you have any qualm in living a life of makeshift fulfillment that you won recently or you prefer the legends of yesteryears and gasp for breath desiring asphyxiation ? I wait to get, only if, I could one day turn into a knight from a much maligned frog with seven souls that is glorified under the spell of fate, since yesterday.