Friday, 7 September 2007


It is easy to meditate and quieten the restive mind. Once you are ready to find a calmness within. For that first, leisurely away from the hubbub and clutter, sit back alone comfortably in seclusion or in a place that you like to set out a sojourn of discovery, of yourself and the divine. Now, you have a time of your own and a space filled with possibilities that are positive, soothing and healing.
Have you ever watched how you breathed? Probably not! It will be nice if you could pay attention and watch it for sometimes. Let it go and come—your breath, the force of life to nourish you. Oh yes, it is better if you close your eyes for a minute or so to enjoy it. However, you are free to take your own time. Put no efforts to control your breath or thought. Let it be like that only.
Is not it that some thoughts are disturbing and playing truants. Accept that it is the tricks of the mind and are in reality neutral till you dwell upon them. At the time of your meditation, you need not be serious about it. Better, let it flow like the gentle breeze while you are aware of your breathing but nothing else. Feel the warmth of the air you inhale and exhale the prime cause of life. The air you breathe is cool? The air you exhale is lukewarm or may be hot? See it for yourself and experience it the way you like. Be there till you want.
Take few deep breaths—simply inhale and exhale three times and watch that gradually it is slowing down. Your muscles are now loose and you are fully relaxed. Witness it by inwardly touching every part of your beautiful body, starting from the head to the toes for twice, in as easy a manner possible. It should be like gliding over and over, halting here and there for a while.
Now, slowly open your eyes and enjoy a happiness—within and all around.
If you like, you may gift it to others, as well to find more of it.
(You may do the breathing meditation (simple Pranayama) for not more than 20 minutes in each session in the morning and evening with a light stomach and a radiating heart)