Monday, 22 November 2010


Believe me, the mouse wives are not, repeat not; the wives of the mouse, mice, rats, rodent or any similar creatures or caricatures that abound the earth or in any way connected with the bamboo flowering or the resultant drought, plague, and acute depletion of anything and everything edible, etc., etc., that occur once in a blue moon to make us run for our lives. Further, these wives are also not responsible in any manner to prove the Malthusian Law by over jealously adding their offspring or litter in a viral manner.

At present, in the era of information in the twenty first century, the mouse wives are a special breed and much sought after by the hubbies, since they provide the economic advantage for the home and hearth as well as take full charge of the mundane affairs of the home. Because they stay back at home almost all the times during their marital after life inside the secured and cosy confines of the home, the children and fathers are double happy. You would always find the mouse wives to be extra proficient in keeping the home neat, clean and tidy perpetually, that guarantees the much sought after peace at the family- a scarce resource of the modern times. As they remain far, far away from the ravages of sun burn or the hustles and bustles of the world outside their home, as a natural consequence their skins glows so much that they are prone to defy the law of ageing.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the wives were a bitten lot with dwindling feminine status as the man were wedded to the machines in the factories and toiled hard to earn the bread and butter. Women and wives were delegated the non-essential functions of child production, rearing and home chores, in general. Outside, some of them took up those jobs considered to be requiring lesser brain powers and more of beauties. However, majority of the females of the intervening period received low wages and were deprived of their true earning potentials. Majority of them, globally were reduced to cashless creatures and powerless individuals. The advent of machines severely dented their status and violated their human rights and dignity.

The current Post-modern times is a new beginning characterised by the Information Revolution. Now, in a way industries reached their nadir and science has become routine in our lives. Like the long yesteryears, we are now called for to manage the wealth of knowledge and information. We have already created a massive corpus of facts and fictions that requires systemization, orderly retrieval, prudent management and distribution and processing. It is so huge that the women are needed to be involved to compensate for the manpower shortage. Women, as a rule are to be brought to the workforce to achieve societal progress extremely necessary in an information age, expected to last longer than the bygone Industrial Revolution. Predictably, more and more women are now out and involved in productive process of the society as knowledge workers just like their counterparts.

In future, women are likely to receive better education and productive and remunerative work responsibilities that will enhance their status and prestige at homes or outside. One area that is making a rapid stride is computerisation and management and discharge of work and information through the device. This is the arena, where the women could excel in a big way while man can continue to man the machines at the factories or handle hazardous actives. Science and technology is proliferating so fast that we need to catch up with it. This now our basic problem-not the inventions!

Precisely, it is in this context we have to acknowledge the timely contributions of the mouse wives, apart from other types of wives or women in general. The mouse wives are those wives who are good at the computer and do the various kind of outsourcing work by remaining at home in a flexible manner. They are called the mouse wives for the simple reason that they are an intelligent breed of modern women who cares for their family and at the same time supplement the family income by clutching on to the drab mouse of the computer ass. But think for a while, if you have time- what a strange combination it is and what a pleasant outcome it is?