Monday, 31 March 2008


Everyone goes to him, said a friend and I thought I should too meet the saint, to ask him about my life’s sojourn. Though I was in a hurry, I failed to keep my date with him for months. When I finally met him, he readily blessed me and I unburdened my pains and sufferings to the saint asking him to resurrect me and rescue me form the dungeons and blind alleys. He appeared serene and I was in awe, for he was such a nice friend who agreed to listen to all that I would say to him and be with me whenever I needed. I felt nice and reassured and thought I would share my feelings with others who would need him for unburdening their sorrows.
On the same day, one of the much awaited miracles of my life happened, immediately thereafter my return from his temple. It just happened. I was readied to forgo a friend after spending a much longed for time of togetherness and bliss—the way I had imagined and awaiting for days in agog; so that her life could be filled with happiness. It was the best that could happen on that beautiful day with the grace of the Siridi Sai. Though, I do not know exactly as to why it happened that way or how it would still unfold in the future--but certainly it started to reach ultimately to its logical ends.
If you are ready and want, you can also reach to him and make him your friend and experience his love. Probably, like me you would too like to experience his miracles.

Friday, 28 March 2008


Do not fool yourselves in thinking that as a rule the fools can not mull or that those who are not the bull are the mule. While it is quite cool to pull the legs of the gullible to droll and bamboozle, it is quite another thing to conclude that the fool even did not attend the life’s school and is simply in your hand, a funny tool. By the way, do you still compare the fool with a mound of ass stool and find yourself to be the only one, wise and sensible? It is however plain stupid to conclude and condemn the fool as the garbage pool. The buffoon is really the best of the persons that god could make and is certainly not the brain grey matter deficient numskull. Believe me; it is always wise to give full marks to the fools. Believe me, the fools are the salt of the earth and of course, the sugar. Our dear world is a bit safer place and boasts of a lot of amusement only because of the ubiquitous presence of such meek folks, who are thought of as bereft of the intel (this one is the original trade mark owned by god). Since the fools fail to understand and comprehend the finer nuances of life and living, or more appropriately prefer to pretend that they are the perpetual naivetes, the earth still spins.
For your information, the fools are also fondly and popularly known and addressed by the genius and Wiseman/woman as: (Master/Mister/Mistress) ass, birdbrain, blockhead, bonehead, boob, bore, buffoon, butt, chump, clod, clown, cretin, dimwit, dolt, donkey, dork, dope, dumb ox, dunce, dunderhead, dupe, easy mark, fair game, fall guy, fathead, goat, gomeral, gomeril, goose, halfwit, idiot, ignoramus, illiterate, imbecile, innocent, jackass, jerk, lamebrain, laughing stock, lightweight, loon, lunkhead, meathead, moron, nerd, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, numskull, oaf, omadawn, ownshook, pushover, sap, schlemiel, schmuck, silly, simpleton, stooge, sucker, turkey, twerp, twit, victim.
Include my name above, if you like (I promise, I will not mind, in fact I will be happy) or your own name, if that is what you are comfortable with. Please decide too, in which side of the world you actually belong to, naturally—the FOOL’S PARADISE or the HALE’S HELL. It is absolutely free!
Wish you all a happy April Fool’s Day 2008 ya folks!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


After years of agonized wait I finally made my kite. It looked like a massive bird with esoteric and mysterious colors and wings. I never intended it to be like that yet, I profusely labored day and night to make it.
My kite, though bereft of strings flew high above the clouds and refused to come down. Everyday, I would watch it over the blue sky and return dejected to my own world of loneliness fearing that the torrential rains and gushing winds would one day, either carry it out to some far off places or maim it. I could never know why my kite never returned back after I set it free over the sky on a day of only hope.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Happiness is innate and accrues from the realization that the opposite of the state of negativity, results from the external and because of its interpretations by us, in a manner that is not compatible with the essence of our being. The entities and events, due to their instability create almost similar ripples in us once allowed to enter our consciousness. However, with some actualization, we can make them inert by perceiving it as those things that do not have any meaning in themselves. Much of our sufferings and pains are in fact self-made, self-inflicted and very curiously, jealously nurtured; sometimes, knowingly and at other times unknowingly by us--simply to negate ourselves and strangely not to get out of it or to prove the true essence of ourselves as nature and the divine had designed. The relationship between us and the things that are not within our control, when become the points of our existence, bondage is created, from which it becomes difficult to escape for the time being. It further increases to the level of our gnawing craving that is very difficult to satiate. It is a state of nihilistic escapade or acute negativity. This makes us searching for it more and more so that finally we unwittingly allow ourselves to succumb to it. It is numb and debilitating. It certainly is a defeat of the self and its systematic imprisonment. In the process, with our own connivance, we actually end up in accumulating unnecessary and heavy baggage of the horrendous types for no apparent reason or rhyme. The cycle of such negativity keeps on repeating and a moment comes soon when we tend to realize the limiting and suffocating effects—crippling and incapacitating that puts us onto the paths of destruction and abnegation. This turns us into living crops.
It is largely a personal choice, whether we would want to be fully contended with our life’s bounties that remain in wait or not, because nothing else and nobody else can really make us happy except we ourselves. Such a choice is largely personal. Time and again we have undergone such trivia which had bellied our expectations turning our hopes into despairs. Part of the problem lies with the feeble efforts that we put and partly because we tend to give up so soon, thinking that we probably are condemned to the pains and sufferings or misfortunes forever. However, this is the first and last of the untruth since, we have not had the occasion to try the other paths that may suitably lead us to our desired destinations; of peace, tranquility, bliss and fullness.
In order to realize our true potentials, we must garner enough courage to reject a thing called fate. A fate is true only when we feel defeated and decimated or are trying to escape the realities and its challenges. Acceptance of fate leads us to the dead ends. Fate never was and can never be a determining factor of meaningful or conscious living, though it can at best act as the alibis of our life and not life itself. Belief in fate paves ways for irrational acts and ultimately the fear of life itself. Negating fate would prepare us enough to accept the events as they are and not as they ought to have been. It is best to disown and remain non-committal to fate. This makes us responsible and resilience, in turn reducing our conflicts within and outside.
It is essential further, also to remember that the external events and their existence are in fact, inept and inert; continuing for the time frame we have set for it. They can have no influence on us until and unless we own them and make them parts of us. They remain alive till the time we prefer to nourish them. But in a way they have no life of their own or have no particular qualities except those assigned by us as per our needs. Through the external events we try to create the main causes of our sorrow. How then can we remain in a state of perpetual serenity and bliss? The easiest way to be free from these afflictions is to recognize the impermanence of the world and its ceaseless transformations, including the so called events that are capable of affecting us in various ways. The forms, qualities, entities, happenings, causes and resultant effects are the only apparent myths, subject to further transformations or transmutations. They themselves carry no meaning, remaining independent of our reckoning. In their original state of being they are as dead as their existence. In its creation, basically it ends, till we resurrect them. When one ceases to be at the intellectual plains or frees him/her from the unnecessary mazes of ‘knowledge’ and completely surrenders to the higher power of all causes, becoming a spiritual being; than the unsavory dusks and nights give way to the eternal lights. The end of knowledge actually can make us knowledgeable and in completely in charge of ourselves and in tune with the higher spirits or divine. Knowledge, by its very nature is limiting and crippling. So also the ritual of life and living, prescribed by the various religious systems make us subdued and conditions us to remain divided on impertinent themes largely invented for social purpose.
Though, there is nothing much wrong with the organized religions except that they are subjective and subjected to interpretations as per the narrow and selfish interests of people at the helm. Even as they are an effective medium of social control, yet at the same time they are the cause of much of our woes than anything else. Religion is a double edged weapon that has the potential of falling into wrong hands to turn into the weapons of mass enslavement and destruction. Spiritualism is one step ahead of religion. Humanity is actually evolving and heading towards spiritualism that would unite all beings. Astrology teaches us that ultimately the Aquarius Age is dawning.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


It was a beautiful autumn morning and I was out to search the tepid warmth of life and love amidst the lovely lush greens being willingly removed far away from my agonized world. It was a exhilarating and seemed full of promises. It seemed as if I was wandering in the paradise of peace and tranquility and everything seemed in perfect harmony. I plucked a flower, collected a pebble, chased a butterfly, threw stones at a pond to create esoteric ripples, and searched the meaning of love in that edge of the earth; that appeared the valley of serenity. It took me to the Love-child and I instantly felt the divine smile ceaselessly radiating from the tender face. It engulfed and crippled me for sometimes and then I decided to return back to my erstwhile world. I almost decided that I was more peaceful and safe what I was and used to be. I concluded I need not go out for a search hereafter.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I recently visited my friend’s daughter’s betrothal rite. During the prenuptial or engagement ceremony conducted at the prospective bride’s home, a Brahmin priest presides over the solemn occasion attended by the invited guests and family members from both the parties to the marriage. However, the prospective groom is not required to be present at this betrothal ceremony and represented by his father, who comes accompanied by close relatives, mostly male members of the kindred. According to the predetermined auspicious day and time, as per the Hindu almanac; the promise of marriage is announced and sanctified through the prescribed rituals. The actual marriage date is fixed latter in consultation with the family priests of both the families, most suitable to unite the two souls forever.
As per the sacred tradition of the Hindus, the elephant god and lord of benevolence and abundance, Ganesh is worshipped followed by the local presiding deities of the villages to seek their blessing for success. The attending priest than sacred podium and arranges for sacrosanct fire to burn to appease Lord Agni, the god of fire. While doing the Mandapa Pratistha, the vegetation are also paid due obeisance as a sign of fecundity and fullness of life. The nine celestial divine planets believed to be the controller of the destiny of mankind are simultaneously appeased to bestow upon the prospective bride and groom with good fortune and to protect them. This is known also as Graha Shanti rite. With the continuous chanting of Vedic mantras required on this sacred occasion, the formal announcement is made about the sealing of the relationship. As per the tradition, the prospective groom’s family presents gifts like gold ornament, Saris, make-up and other minor utilities, etc. and a token amount of cash having only titular and ritualistic meaning to the prospective bride who remains present during the performance of the rituals along with her father and other family members. After she accepts the gifts, the betrothal ceremony comes to an en after all the guests are treated with sumptuous meals cooked for the special occasion.