Wednesday, 12 March 2008


It was a beautiful autumn morning and I was out to search the tepid warmth of life and love amidst the lovely lush greens being willingly removed far away from my agonized world. It was a exhilarating and seemed full of promises. It seemed as if I was wandering in the paradise of peace and tranquility and everything seemed in perfect harmony. I plucked a flower, collected a pebble, chased a butterfly, threw stones at a pond to create esoteric ripples, and searched the meaning of love in that edge of the earth; that appeared the valley of serenity. It took me to the Love-child and I instantly felt the divine smile ceaselessly radiating from the tender face. It engulfed and crippled me for sometimes and then I decided to return back to my erstwhile world. I almost decided that I was more peaceful and safe what I was and used to be. I concluded I need not go out for a search hereafter.