Wednesday, 29 April 2009


In order to escape the dungeon like existence of my one roomed life of loneliness and to look suave on the block, I decided to hire a upper class accommodation in a newly set up locality of the town that is still struggling to a become famous along with its haughty residents, who prefer to flaunt the easily purchasable electronic gadgets and extra shinning clothes on them.
The landlord was very much amused in hearing my plea to lend me a spacious house and was certainly somehow surprised to learn about my pious intention of regular payment of the house rent on time as decided by him. Perhaps like me, he was also perplexed with the turn of the events and agreed to accept me as a valid tenant having enough solvency and perhaps thought that I unlike him was fit enough for the luxury. However, he, for reasons best known to him asked me to provide a photo identity card issued by the local government to be sure of the authenticity of my earthly claim.
On a sultry morning I moved in with my scanty luggage, heightened facelift and enough courage to face the new neighbors who were busy in their toilets or inside the in-house temples to appease the domesticated and somehow subdued Gods and Goddesses of their choice. But later I decided to remain elusive to all of them and enjoy my new pride undetected under the imposing roofs of my second floor house. Soon, I felt that the quirky looking and exasperated residents of the locality started to accept me as one amongst them reluctantly by ignoring me as far as possible and allowing me my freedom, largely bought at the expense of my basic survival essentials. The residents waited in baited silence to let me express myself for days and months while I regularly kept on paying the house rent on the appointed time to gain respectability and legitimacy. It certainly was a time of meticulous calculation and I thought I was winning but in vain.
Very soon I in my solitary confinement discovered that I have become an instant celebrity of sort with the scores of maid servants who scuttle twice a day to attend to the dirty bowls and linens and therefore turned an eyesore instantly for the rest of the residents. The tall house adequately ensured for me enough of free flowing love and respect of some type of undefined order from the rickety and floppy women that came from afar to cleanse the system called household of their temporary masters and mistresses with their crafty hands and reluctant smiles. The test of employability was a tough one for me and a nemesis in the making. The maidservants fiercely threw in their gauntlets to win my sympathy by throwing in an occasional smile or allurement of questionable description. I was much challenged to reveal myself by the dusk for which I was either unprepared or incompetent. Or perhaps I made a mistake to move into a locality to bare my own palpability and vulnerability.