In general, this Blog concerns itself with matters related to society, environment, nature, humor, self-development, creative pursuits, spiritualism, unity of mankind and of course, some small and insignificant things of life and living, as occasional thematic diversions; just for a change.

Please know that the owner-writer-photographer-poster of this Blog is not an expert in any field, except perhaps; as a Sociologist and Social Anthropologist, due to his education, training and academic experience. 

Admittedly, there is nothing here that can be safely classified as extraordinary or pioneering but just regular and usual in this Blog; mainly meant for the common audience only. Therefore, this Blog is a very common Blog and does not intend to be the expert’s arch, in any manner.

The contents in this blog (EVOLve_the soul scan bay) can be divided into 4 parts:

1. Creative writing including literary, experiential rants and parodies

2. Photography including digital photoart (and)

3. Self-development write-ups including informative and educative topics of importance.

Starting with Creative writing from/in 2007distinctively the Blog has gone into Photography for a while and at present predominantly deals with issues, information and experiences that may be helpful in one’s self-development, be it spiritual, health, relationship or the purpose of life in general.

By visiting this Blog and browsing the contents, if you feel good, entertained or better informed than to a great extent, the purpose of existence of this Blog is justified, to some extent; as the audience is naturally diversified and expectations are different.

The Blog does not expect anyone to fully or partially agree, believe or change his or beliefs or values in life and that your individual entities are your own and you alone know what is best for you. Your individuality, freedom, privacy and life’s mission are fully respected as a guest of this Blog. You know, we are all different and it is better that way, perhaps!

The owner-writer-poster of this Blog expect that there might be some unintended mistakes (factual or some other types) creeping here and there in this Blog and that some of the contents (or parts of it) might not be fully compatibility with the sensibility of some of the visitor-guests. Human beings make mistakes and differ from each other in their views, approach and beliefs, etc. and therefore, please ignore it or bring it to the notice of the Blog’s owner-writer-photographer-poster for review and to effect the suggested change, by sending an email and the details. Your opinions, comments and constructive suggestions are certainly important for this Blog.  

You are always liked and welcomed here; though personally, it is virtually impossible for the owner-writer-photographer-poster of this Blog to be present personally to do so, due to a barrier created by technology

If you liked the contents and gained something, just come back as often as you want. Have a nice time and enjoy, meanwhile; here.

And thanks for this visit of yours.