Friday, 31 August 2007


If we are ready to experience bliss, it will be possible to win it here & now, and of course forever. When we are willing, know that for sure, it will be ours filled to our heart’s content. But then who would not want it? Certainly not me, and I know you too longed and waited for it too.
It is said that there is no shortcut to the most sought after thing called success. Throughout our lives, we struggle and compete ceaselessly to procure slice of the cake. However, it seems that we never ever reach anywhere near to it. Every time, either we are short of it or by the quirk of fate, it even keeps on slipping out of our grip. The fact is, by our craving for more and more of it, we unknowingly chisel the monsters of insatiable wants in us and become its prisoner. Though, we mistake them for happiness, recognize that they are our real miseries.
We can have as much of power, prestige and property we possibly can garner, only till than they are good for us. We can accumulate, possess and flaunt them till the hilt, but certainly not at our own expenses--to erode the very essence and elements of us, for a day will dawn soon when we will be dispossessed of, of the riches collected fervently without pauses.
If we recognize it and act today, now and this moment; know that the paths of peace and eternity is open and we are traversing on it. We can own everything, except attachments. Even we need not try to own peace, tranquility, and bliss or feel attached to it. When we do not own, we actually own. We must cast off our egos to reborn and bask in pure bliss.