Monday, 10 September 2007


WYSIWYG is perhaps the greatest and most notorious of the follies and riddles known to mankind. Sages, philosophers, prophets and others have gone bust in trying to decipher and resolve the contentious issue. Humble folks like us are no exception though they the ones who often take to the WYSIWYG editor to get what they fervently punched on the rattling keyboard as consolations, in this bad mad world. Taken for a ride is what it boils down to and it seems we never ever learn the nasty lesions even for once.
Ruminate and ponder as to how often have you been duped in styles, while at the same time you kept on believing that what you wanted and what you saw were yours in black and while—that you saw keeping your eyes wide open throughout your life? And is it not that latter on you discovered to your amazement that they were just the contraband and half naked realities passed on to you as truths?
When it comes to getting and giving, equally these goodies of promises and expectations simply turn the apparent authenticity. WYSIWYG thrives in profiteering and profit booking or simply for the sake of it or for the hack of it; take it anyway you like. It ought to be like that in a weird wild wide world that is designed to grow amidst the growls of the looser, we all.
Just carry out a checksum test to see for yourself, the ravages, perversions and pervasion of WYSIWYG by examining your gains and possessions, over a steaming cup of coffee or chilled beer pertaining to you and your life. Of course, you can add anything that fancy you, including the serious and trivial. Most likely you would conclude that "what you see is what you don’t get"!