Sunday, 16 September 2007


Spiritualism is an innate state of being juxtaposed against becoming that transcends knowledge or reasoning which are basically partial or limiting. Essentially, a spiritual person is someone who is completely freed from the jaws of dogmas and bondages of any kind. The notion of sacred and profane, justifying logic and philosophies, prescriptions, ritual, hell and heaven, magical power and miracle, myths and sense of superiority or inferiority, etc. usually associated with religious systems assume no meaning and dissolve to make way for the birth of non-judgmental rationality. Though religion survives and thrives on the matrix of spiritualism, yet it is man-made and nothing but a body of principles to organize societal groups by acting as a dominant ideology. However, human societies cannot banish the organized religions for the obvious reason that it satisfies their earthly quests and douses their fears. Spiritualism, on the other hand satisfies a perennial quest of man as to who he is and not what he is that is independent of religion. While religion is preoccupied to propagate gods of various descriptions, spiritualism searches the presence of divinity—in everything and everywhere. It is an individual quest though at the same time it is ubiquitous and all pervasive. Religion is as essential as our food and sex and functional to the core yet, a polemic in its degraded form.
When one is completely in unison with the elements of nature, appreciates and appropriates things as they are with total freedom, ceases to attach meanings to the happenings around in a manner that crosses the threshold of any utilitarian evaluation and enjoys an existence as an essential part or extension of the externalities far removed from the confines of joy, pain or awe; he or she is certainly in the plains of spirituality. Only in a condition of least resistance to no resistance one can experience the fulsomeness of spiritualism, that is pristine and undiluted. It is a state of total submission to divinity and acceptance of dawn of the timeless time.
To walk on the valleys of spiritualism we have to invoke the love in us, beyond the mundane. It is harmonious, healing, reciprocal yet ever growing and evolving—that radiates in all directions. One needs to harness a love that is divine and uniting. A love that resolves all conflicts is what prepares us to bond and gain the spiritual insights. Through contemplation and self realization we can reach to such an abundance with ease.
Spiritualism, therefore is a personal experience. We can discover it by unshackling ourselves from the tiny makeshift worlds that somehow appear real to us. We do not have to deny them but to recognize their imperfections. This would liberate us and take towards a spiritual reality. But know that the imperfect thoughts, causation and resultant effects are distortions and we cannot fully escape it. It relates to living and not life. They are like the dark prisons designed to sustain us, nothing beyond. We have to escape it to taste the freedom. We have to chart our own routes of escape and reach the realm of total tranquility.
Spiritualism is basically knowing oneself and witnessing the umbilical unity of everything, known and unknown. It is an acceptance of divine beyond me and us. When we are liberated the third eye in us opens up and a truth is discovered. This a truth that is a priori. It is a state of growth and evolution sans the so called notions of death, destruction, decay and the likes.
We can put the quest to fruition by suspending the egos in us and by merging with the universal schemata—in becoming its consciousness.