Thursday, 12 December 2013


Attracting abundance and to feel full, satiated or contented is everyone’s dream. Yet, for many of us, this is an elusive question that remains unsolved for long or may be for ever, and a source of constant quest. For reaching that distant goal of plenty-someday, somehow, we need to reorient ourselves and act in right earnest. If we keep on hoping that the miracles would happen to us soon, then; for all practical purposes, our hopes are going to be realized and the prayers answered. This has happened to many and it is going to happen to us also, sooner or later for sure. By keeping on hoping and trying, we shall experience abundance in our life, positively. Today, tomorrow, and also the day after; we can go on attracting health, wealth, status, power, peace, prosperity and successes for ourselves, only when we are in control of ourselves and not under the sway of our pursuits; those that are mostly worldly or mundane. Basically, abundance is a state of mind and an understanding of our limitations and potentials. By always being thankful with gratitude to the bounties of our blessings that flows to us constantly, we can ensure our own abundance.This naturally starts from the self to the gains and not the other way around

(1) Perhaps, unwittingly, we may be barricading ourselves from abundance to reach us by our negative thoughts or not being fully alert in recognizing the manifesting signs. So, it is better to remain ever prepared to receive it by being ready and open to the opportunities and clearly comprehend the signs of the universe that come our way, now and then.We must know that, the divine is a just and impartial force, in showering abundance without any discrimination. If we open up ourselves and let it flow towards us, it is bound to fill us, too. Let the sunshine and moonshine of life freely percolate to our personal and collective life so that it can incessantly banish the darkness in every corner in our environment.
(2) To attract more and more abundance to our life, we need to circulate and interact with people who exude positive energy and are happy. These are the people with solutions and do not suffer with problems for ever. The beneficial energies of these better human beings; who are materially successful, just, peaceful, spiritually enriched, optimistic, hardworking, helpful, friendly and physically-emotionally healthy; would nurture and enrich us fueling our quest, and in ensuring the proper directions. We can combine ours with their higher and heightened energies to chisel in sync, our own abundance, and their, too.
Therefore, it is preferable to stay away from things that generate negativity or make us gasp for exits or breed more contempt for ourselves and others. These black-holes are everywhere, manifesting in the environment, events, situations, and people; which are to be avoided at the first opportunity. In order to judge what is good for us, we can relay on our intuitions and practicality, as per the situations or times. In accepting those aspects only that feel good and are not repulsive, we can be on the sojourn to reach the expanse of abundance. For this, a sense of non-attachment is a prerequisite.
(3) Further, to experience abundance, we have to define our personal notion of abundance as this is a unitary concept and an end in itself for each one of us. Asking honestly and arriving at the answer as to how much more be more than enough to have the abundance of life is the golden key to the riddle. When we are very much clear about the goals and destinations we are going to take in fathoming the depths of life’s bounties, then only we are truly ready to harness it. Always we have to hope for the best and try to achieve a reality with full force and dedication to be certain in arriving at the cherished resort. 
If at all, certain things are beyond your reach; then having no regrets for that, can usher us in the glorious paths of abundance, un-ransomed. Let us remind yourselves that abundance does not mean too much of anything but the quality of it and its ethical nature.Even if we don’t have everything, we wanted, still we can be a winner. No one can have everything, you know! Abundance, simply boils down to the sense that we are well, alive, healthy and happy for today and tomorrow, surely without the gnaws of normal material and deprivation and spiritual blinds. Here, the material success is a necessary corollary to our abundance but only as an annexure to the non-material bounties.
(4) People who attract abundance into their life are those who are not limiting and follow the rules of the living of the ascetic. They are never the extraordinary persons or belong to the higher echelon of the society. The most ordinary person can only attract abundance and a complete sense of plenty. A complete person who upholds the higher ideals of life and living; being harmless, loving, compassionate and bereft of the destructive ego can reach for abundance. Only when one is not attached to what he/she has gathered, the sense of abundance proliferates. A person living in abundance is one who knows how to harness and cultivate the good things that he/has, to the fullest extent. It is complete acceptance and surrender without being falsely conscious of the shortcomings in things. Unsaturated wants are the hazes that we create to want more and drift away from the easily realizable abundance.
(5) When we do not compare our fortunes with that of others, then only we can attract real abundance in to our life effortlessly. Each stage and moment should be considered as fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying by us, so that we are able to contain our craving for more and more.  Here, the pains and sufferings are but the passing phenomenon having no permanency. Abundance is habitual bliss, derived from within first and then from the external realities; but not the vice versa. Further, when we fully understand that abundance in itself is a relative truth of our life then we are in a position to comprehend it in a better manner.  Life is short and it has imposed various gridlocks to make us wise. We better understand it by counting the blessings. A life simply lived life in honesty and sincerity without a sense of denial, just equals to a life of abundance. It is not solely defined on the basis of our worldly gains and losses but indicative of our vastness in being able to craftily embracing what we have at the moment, to the fullest.
(6) Finally, let us ask: What is the span of life? How much wealth is enough? How much power is too much? What is the highest level of status? What really is the optimum health? What else are required to have abundance? Is it possible to have all the above things, at all the time or to the maximum extent?
And, now let us decide about our very own notion of abundance to be achieved by honesty, hard work and being harmless to others intentionally. If we have the clear answers, then we can go for it and be contended! Along with the spiritual belonging and keeping the richness of life intact, we can safely set out for the search and realization of abundance.