Thursday, 28 November 2013


Low amount of stress is good for a healthy body and mind. However, excess and prolonged stressful situations can be highly detrimental to a person’s overall well-being. It can act as the triggers to a host of pathological conditions and at times, may lead to many unexplainable complex psychosomatic disorders requiring medical attention. Before it is too late to handle stress, from the beginning, it is better to recognize its sources and take appropriate measures to minimize or contain it. Since stressful conditions are likely to drain our energy and throw us into utter disarray, blurring our capacity of judgment; immediate precautions are called for to resolve the conflicts; personally or if required, with the help of others. It is all about reaching out ‘soon’ to the right persons; friends, family members, well-wishers, near and dear ones, or professional counselors, etc. to get out of the vicious grips of stress and be in charge. 

To be free from stress and live a meaningful, healthy and productive life; it is very much essential to remain rational and practical in most of the situations, though not all. This is so because; some situations are related to the subtle, finer, refined, esoteric or higher aspects of life that cannot be understood being practical. They are the non-rational aspects yet, are not the opposites, as black and white. We need to distinguish between the practical and non-practical realms of life and approach them accordingly to negotiate the stresses successfully. These two aspects are but the two inseparable dimensions of the same coin and our understanding can greatly enhance our efforts to approach the emanating stresses in a most meaningful way. 

Get out of any self-inflicted or situational deprivations that may push you to the throes of conflicts of body and mind. Love yourself plenty, pamper yourself much and relax aplenty, by appropriating the required elements abundantly, but not excessively. This can make you robust and ready for fending off the onslaught of stress you may likely to encounter in a normal process. A healthy body and mind is a prime requirement to face the erosive and crippling upshots of stress. When you look after your body and mind properly, it will reciprocate by returning the favor, in keeping you in a state of ever preparedness and good health.

When we have optimum health, we are basically ready to get out of the harms way of stress, to a greater extent. Therefore, nourish yourself with sufficient nutritious food (mainly plant based); slowdown, relax and feel happy in the best possible manner. It is just that, nothing more or nothing less. 

Tips: Take natural and organic foods. Avoid processed foods. Give attention to yourself. Calm your mind, preferably, by practicing yoga and meditation . Remember, you are full of potentials and a unique person in the creation.

OUT-maneuvering CRAVING
Craving is alluring, yet it can result in bondage, fixation and failures that may not be beneficial at all to a person. In craving, we are inclined to traverse at the cliffs of sorrow, pain and joy intermittently, set and perplexed. It is a recipe for a restrictive life and surrender of freedom to the external, unwittingly. 

Have as much wants as you want, but stay away from giving too much powers to your desires. Let your wants, needs and desires, be your servants and not the masters. The force of carving is illusory and hence, rescue your persona from its jaws. This will make you walk farther from the immediate and future stresses and breakdowns. 

Tips: Satisfy your wants but do not allow yourself to be overpowered. Desire the best and feel satisfied with your achievements, as there is a limit to everything in terms of having and achieving; or not having and not achieving.

There are things in life that are to be accepted and believed. Certain other matters are subjected to change and they are to be changed for ensuring peace, prosperity, growth and development. People who are amenable to the realities and do not consider their main mission to be the harbinger of idealistic changes or reforms. They  are the ones having less conflicts. This is not to say that you should surrender to whatever unfolds before you and remain powerless. For example, we have to accept the necessity of death, disease, calamities, etc, accepting that at times, we may have to be the silent spectators and participants in any such events. What is inevitable is not the subject of regrets, though, we will try our level best to believe that they can be averted.

Tips: Time is a flux and great healer. It is better to flow with it. There is point in holding on to a part of it forever.
In our short lifespan somehow, we come to the hazy understanding that things, situations, events, transactions, matter, and people are almost permanent. We have to do this because of our limited propensity of being able to create a niche of the absolute web, out of the void. We learn to conceive our transient existence as permanent fixtures to remain as functioning individuals. Beyond these makeshift worlds of our making of limitations, we can only remain ever suspended in an expansive cosmic vastness. It is in our best of interest therefore, to submit to our own limiting worlds, yet at the same time realizing that the permanency is but the impermanent. This realization is necessary for resolving a lot of unwanted conflicting and unsettling forces in and around us. 

Tips: Nothing is permanent, including our worries, difficulties, people, events, and situations, etc.  So, enjoy to the fullest, what you have, till the time they are available.Live here & now.

Always ride the currents of success as per your ability, even when you are besieged with failure after failure. When you prove your endurance and win, feel contended. One can reach the breakeven point by a series of conscious and prudent efforts to breed success and abundance. Ensuring the all-round success is the key to happiness and peace. Model it as per your need, capacity and the permissibility of the situations. Share it too with others to multiply your success with theirs. Now, go for it and swing the tide to your advantage, fully prepared without stress or conflict.

Tips: Strive for your material, moral, inter-personal/relational and spiritual success, without pause and in unison. Like and do what you like most without inhibition.