Saturday, 2 November 2013


A fruitful and desirable life is achievable only when we are ready to receive and seek it in our consciousness. It is a state where we have optimum health, abundant mental peace, absolute security, plenty of material sufficiency, spiraling spiritual enlightenment, total inclusiveness; without any extremes of purposes.

Realize and know that you are born with a divine purpose. Each and every human being is unique, having infinite potentials to grow. It is a self discovery, a journey to unfold. Life is precious, yet short and we need to finish our mission, in a manner that is fulfilling and in harmony with each element of our surrounding. It is to achieve a completeness, which is satisfying till the next moment, with no regrets; a life well lived and enjoyed to the core.

Self-Indulgence, craving, greed, selfishness, jealousy, anger, fear, self-doubt, impulsiveness, self-pity, etc. are antithetical to the transformations we desire to achieve for the enrichment of our life and that of others. These actions are destructive and destabilizing to our being. To be fully in charge of ourselves, and tread in the paths of peace and tranquility, it is better to shun these negative emotions and control the consequent actions that may arise due to our momentary ignorance. At times, some individuals and situations in the environment may lead us to decay or erode our resolves. Therefore, it is far better to avoid the overpowering influences of negative people and provoking stimuli.  Anything that harms another person is also equally harmful to us. The more we are able to control our energies for positive actions, the better. This will enable us to nourish and heal ourselves. Recognize the black-holes, for they are only meant to suck in everything near them is important.

Million years of our accumulated knowledge created by mankind has not reached a stage and will never be adequate in the near future, to guarantee us any of the final answers that we have been searching for now. Knowledge alone is inadequate in our quest for unraveling these mysteries. Part of the knowledge base is related to our survival as a collective entity. It is utilitarian, without which our earthly needs will be in extreme jeopardy. These are concerned with the discovery of workable laws of the nature for our practical benefits. Such scientific knowledge, skills and their technological applications are extremely limited. As yet, we hardly know much about the principles of nature. The workable knowledge and information are equally beneficial and harmful; depending upon their use. In a certain way, we know; how and why they work, but do not know fully what consequences they give rise to in the short and long term. The more we claim that we understand the laws of nature and set out to control it, the more we appear naive. This is like reaching the horizon—the next moment!  This quest has no finality about itself.

The scientific and practical realm of knowledge is not to be discarded or we can say that it cannot be completely abandoned, though. To grow, survive and also destroy; we have to invest more into it. This is what we are required to do, as this is our species’ propensity. 

Apart from the discovery of natural laws and their applicability, we too, have to create cultural knowledge and their adaptability. This includes the philosophies and any other such things called pure ideas, artifacts and civilizations. The pure ideas and other derivatives can work in a social context with the conditions of their acceptability by a people. They help us to adapt and continue. While some scientific laws and their applications have universal applicability, the cultural knowledge, do not exhibit any such qualities. They cannot act as our final answers and therefore, are not the truths, being contextual and limited by space and time. As we cannot discard science, technology and go on and on in our efforts in discovering more and more to sustain mankind; similarly, we have to ceaselessly create a makeshift domain of cultural knowledge in order to effectively survive as groups. However, both the types of knowledge are imperfect and limiting. They cannot provide us with freedom, as by their very nature; they ought to be limiting, to which we all have to submit or relay upon. This not something unusual but perfectly fits into the world into which we all belong. We have to embed ourselves to a world of appropriation and machination. There is nothing wrong with it, for very few can escape it, for very few moments only. In us the concepts of logicality and morality arise only in these situations of convenience.

But then; what about altruism, what about oneness of mankind, what about the notion of goodness or what about the higher purposes of our life or is there any cohesive body of universal morals?

Answers to all these questions are difficult as well as easy. We can pretend and choose to wear masks that we are good, harmless, nice, peaceful, happy, altruistic, beneficial, loving, bereft of negativity, saintly, non-aggressive, contended, simple, non-manipulative, prudent, honest, compassionate, truthful, helpful, sensible, mature, conscientious, non-partisan, etc. depending on the situations and our cultural systems. In that case, we can successfully become it or resemble to the partially. Yet, we still can decide to imbibe, profess and practice in actuality any such qualities then we become that. Though, it is a matter of choice with us, still we feel constrained and restrained to be what we really want to be due to cultural incompatibilities. At other times, situations and circumstances can force or even motivate us to be otherwise.

Additionally, we are really not that free to fully proclaim ourselves to not resembling with people in our own groups and cultures for a greater portion of our lives and living. And if, everyone renounces the prescribed ordinary life and living, the reality of society cannot exit; which in itself become the problem and not the solution. We cannot expect that overnight, we throw away the basics of the tricks of survival invented and tested over the generations. A utopian world complete with very higher ideals is just a misnomer. The sages and saints, all of them have failed so far to fully realize any such realms of reality; as ideologies are incapable of practical transformation into livable arenas of ours.

I am not a naysayer or a cultist believing in the end of the world prophesies or exhorting you to be the bad guys. Though, the world is not going on end tomorrow or day after, yet no matter what; no matter can remain in a static state forever, in the cosmic design. It is tied to the issues of the directions we are consciously and non-consciously taking. Evolution is just not a brute or mechanical force. Its courses are set by our minds, actions and unfolding of nature. Mind matters and therefore, we can elevate our consciousness to the higher levels.

Evolution is ubiquitous and all pervading. As a part of this universal change, and knowing that we and our accumulated egos are short lived or transitory; as an individual or in small groups, we can make conscious choice of being good for the greater parts of our life. We cannot decide so, by means of our knowledge, both scientific and cultural; but only when we are able to pull away ourselves from the accrued mundane realities and enter the largely unexplored depths of our real being. We can see the paths right for us when we look within us. Knowing the impermanence and limitations of creation would only make us limitless, free good and moral. Search for the truths not in knowledge as it will confuse you in its blinding labyrinths. Only when knowledge ends, the self-realization can start. This is the preferred path of spiritualism that can take you to the highest source of all powers. The Vedas and Gita allude to it clearly.

For a start, let us try to feel the vastness and tranquility radiating within us. Just close your eyes in quietness end all your conflicts by allowing them to float away without being a part of you, feel happy within and choose the paths right for you emerging in that vast void fullness.

Take to meditation and feel tranquil. Move away yourself from the pains and pleasures of your daily existence till they no more affect you.

You are your own Guru. Experience the bliss within and the beauty outside.