Saturday, 16 October 2010


It is a typical scene of the interior of the homes of Orissa. Here, you find a small temple like structure which is hollow and contains soil for growing the sacred and revered Basil plant. Daily in the evening and morning, the mother or the daughter-in-law of the household offers prayer and lights the earthen candle, locally known as Deepa. Aromatic sticks (Dhoop or Agarbati), fresh flowers, etc. are placed near the raised platform in order to invoke the blessings of Gods and Goddesses for the welfare and protection of the family and all its members; alive and dead. The prayers also asks the divine to ensure peace and prosperity of all beings of the earth. It is believed that the presence of the revered Basil plant wards of the evil and keeps the environment free from many types of harmful germs. According to the ancient system of medicine of India, Ayuerveda, regular intake of few leaves of the aromatic Basil leaves improves the immune system of the body and ushers in mental tranquility and blissfulness. This apart, you can also see the spices grinder, ornamental or flowering plants, a deep-well and a fruit tree, etc.