Saturday, 16 October 2010


I took the photograph of the malnourished, yet struggling to live papaya tree yesterday night on 15.10.2010. Due to the weather depression over the Bay of Bengal at present, Orissa, particularly the eastern coastal areas is experiencing heavy downpour. Bhubaneswar received torrential rains during the night I took this photograph of the rickety papaya tree with full of male flowers all over it and only one papaya fruit as a humble mark of fruition. Perhaps, it was trying to build the lone fruit as fast as possible in the hope that it has to survive a short life and also to make the matured seeds to recreate itself through germination. As, you know, life must continue by replicating itself.
But today morning, to my utter surprise, I discovered that the hammering and cruel rains of yesterday night has completely uprooted my papaya tree and of course, its hopes.