Saturday, 16 October 2010


A large numbers of Indian homes, both in the urban and rural areas as yet do not have safety latrines. Since time immemorial, the people are defecating excrement from the bowels through the anus in the open braving 'occupation hazards' like snake bites, worm infestation, scorching sun, biting cold, lashing rains as well as their precious privacy. Cutting across gender, income and Add Imageage; women, men children, sick, healthy and the old alike find it attractive or compelled to take to the open spaces only covered by the huge and imposing sky and the irritant thickets and bushes. Some of the practitioners of defecation carry meagre water in small cans to partly clean their hands and buttocks while others depend on the near by filthy water holes to become apparently functional. May be few others do not do anything at all about the boring cleaning business on their persons.
For some of the folks, using the enclosed latrine is imprisonment and doing the job outside is pristine freedom. Not using the toilet is also part of the cultural habits of the respective fellows, it is said. In some instances, it has been observed that while finalizing marriage proposals the bride's family particularly inquires as to whether the prospective husband's family already has a safety latrine or not? In case they do not have one it is likely that such marriage proposal, in most probability, is rejected. You know there is definitely some solid wisdom in it!
You will be extremely happy to note that at present the Government of India and states are hell bent in ensuring safety latrines to all the citizens of the country by pushing hard participatory discounts on keeping (may not for using) at least one safety toilet at home.