Friday, 2 May 2008


When darkness often reigns in our life, we long for a faint ray of hope to reinforce our faith in our own questionable existence of aborted triumph in self-making and also to recognize our pale and anemic faces hesitantly by proxy. In that overwhelming specter of the loneliness and shifting loyalties of kin, kith and beloved, who desert the much defeated you in quick succession in a massive mansion of rapidly crumbling avalanches of brittle hopes; we finding no other alternatives worth any name, but turn to the failed prophets and their surrogate masters for solace. Take heart, there is still hope apparently beyond the black hole like tunnel; though, you have to take it lightly to have enough strength to discover its ever…ever expanding and contracting depths and darkness. It is up to you to embrace enlightenment or not? Or perhaps you would like to wait for the day break, that would never to come-- yet is full of promises.