Monday, 28 April 2008


You can certainly win provided you are ready for the hour of the striking moment of happiness that you waited for; though at times you will have to make provisions for your graceful defeats as well, knowing fully that it is but natural and part of life. Tell me who has not lost a war or tell me who has not won a heart? I know, it is not you in most probability! But I must confide in you that it is me who never won a war or a heart. However, I always make it a point to wear a brave face and exude a rare manufactured confidence adequately stinking with the fragrance of deceptive triumph. I have discovered that it really works and people fall for it taking me for granted at the spur of the moment. To remain ever successful and victorious I to create enthusiasm around me, I prefer to distribute bitter pills to whoever comes to me for inspiration, and they come in droves without their knowledge; profusely giving a thick coating of sugar with utmost concern and compassion. By the time these seekers discover my maggot infested realities by any chance I would have long forgotten for my follies and foibles as well as failures. I only like to win and failures make me to win still more. It is addictive. May be I am a liar, may be I am a failure, and may be I am a perpetual gifted winner or may be I am another face amongst you. The truth is only known to you and none else. Somehow I think that we only loose to be the real winners in life. Lucky you, I am sure, you shall also win but keep your masks ready, in case you would need it to look mysterious or want to smile a lot as a public performance. I have plenty of them.