Sunday, 27 January 2008


At times, we preferred to head for the darkness to find the meanings of life we missed in our exasperating days full of lights. Perhaps the dusk till dawn times were nasty and perplexing, for we found to our amazement laced agonies that it robbed us all of our dreams that we nourished so meticulously thinking them to be real and realizable.
The darkest nights are the times when we find the easiest means to live, suspended in enchanting surrenders and no fears of being alive in pains. The pulverized desires turn into fathomless flickering stars atop the roofs when we remain mesmerized and limp in that tepid embraces, soon fated to turn into torrential affection, faceless and shameless. This is when we whine to mutter the truths that have no meanings. In the darkest corners of our hearths we than open our eyes to discover, all that we could not in the days. But than we become innocent corpses near each other, till the daybreak.