Wednesday, 16 January 2008


It is a polemic, for which there could be most probably, no answers as well- yet I kept on asking it and she, feigning ignorance often threw back the gauntlets nonchalantly at me. On other times we preferred to remain in a pond of ours, alternating for meanings in faraway lands of unreal sorrows.
Can I someday cause sprouting; I thought on the lands of my longing and become a mendicant, thereafter to atone my sins. She apparently wanted to play hide and seek to resurrect a secretly cultivated desire in vain and then sulked to a fate thought to be otherwise.
Though we never needed each other for years gone by, we nevertheless believed a day has suddenly arrived to lift our sagging spirits to heights from where we would only fall to the depths of desired agonies and a hazy relationship. To be able to lend the spaces we owned, it was better to invite insecurity for the rest of the togetherness by the familiar maxims, of the time but to no avail.
Yet, we kept on asking and inventing the questions for which as we know there would be no answers.