Sunday, 22 September 2013


Thousands of people die or are injured everyday in road accidents. It may result in partial to permanent disabilities for those involved in accident. Their family members suffer directly and all this add up to the social cost as well. Admittedly, accidents are accidents, yet it can be reduced substantially with caution and precaution. Many of the victims of road accidents are those, who are not at fault yet, they are sucked into such unfortunate consequences.

Certainly, prevention is better than cure and we all know this. Somehow, we forget it or try to flout the very basic or simple rules of life, in our living and conducts; thinking that any such lapses may not lead to our own harm. That is only true, till we encounter the largely preventable nightmare personally, and in person, as a witness. But, by that time, it might be too late for us to effect proper corrections. Our sincere regrets, pains or losses may not provide us with solutions for regaining, what we lost for being reckless. Lot of people are the victims of the unintended actions of others. A small or even a freak accident may ruin our future irrevocably. It is therefore, far better to learn from others’ mistakes; but not from our own.

In our present times, it is next to impossible not to use the means of transportation, whether personal or public. We have to move out, and move out faster in a busy and competitive environment. Regular or frequent travel and commuting is inevitable that cannot be avoided; for us now, ‘time is money.’ We are told to rush, run and do fast, everything. Otherwise, we may find ourselves left behind or waiting as the last person, the end of a very big serpentine queue. Since we dread that, we try to hurry up, muting the rules of the game. Yes, we have to ‘get set and go’ which we need to do efficiently utilizing our ever shrinking tome, yet simultaneously, as far as possible; kicking and also pausing, in a most responsible way. This certainly is a tall order that many cannot cope with days in and days out.

Please remember a saying, “better late than never”, if you are driving the vehicle. Everyone must reach his/her work place or home safely enough and definitely. Road accidents are preventable, except in certain unfortunate situations, when we are alert and obey the safety rules; and not otherwise. Let us not be responsible for being the cause of harm to others. It just takes following, some simple rules of the road and a consciousness of safety, while on the go.

First thing first, so, by spending some ‘extra’ money we need to keep our ‘beasts of burden’ in tiptop condition. Next, we should follow the traffic rules fully as required of us as ‘drivers’. We always ‘don’t drive’ but are driven by others too, who are even quite unknown to us; praying and expecting in rapt silence that the drivers will not overturn the caravans. It is a kind of ‘faith’ that keeps us alive during our sojourns.

When, people are ‘driven’ by other ‘drivers’, accidents do happen; and if we remain escaped from such calamities we kinda thanking our karma. But, on few occasions, we are bruised but come out wise or as lucky passengers. This can serve as a lesson for us as the drivers or the passengers or the bystanders. Though, we may not be in the driver’s seat always; still the fates of the passengers, drivers and unconcerned others may have their fates tied together. Essentially, we are not, in a way, different from each other. It is called realization and has got absolutely nothing to do with the competing esoteric realms.

As intelligent beings of the entire cosmos (don’t we claim it?), we, further should not mix driving with drinks or blink too rapidly or too slowly, particularly after the dead of the night; for even the cops won’t be able to locate us if there is a need. The drivers should remember that an admixture of various brands of spirits or intimate encounter of narcotics, alcohols and certain medicines can be quiet frightening. In the later case, we may even drive, as it can be a finish versus finish event that most probably, we won’t be even remembering. Taking of legal or medical cannabis or other ‘highs’ my impair our senses (proven medically) and suddenly increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle (unknown to automobile manufacturers, as to how it happens or why it happens) driven by you. Believe me and don’t try it yourself.  In case one is a passenger in such a scenario, this may not pose much problem to him/her/they and find the journey exhilarating.  But when we turn around and want to know about a driver’s fortune as per the just mentioned facts above, it could be just different, I do bet. In this case, the vehicle may go dizzy, topsy-turvy or turn turtle; even if you are that person is a master driver with a valid international driving license. The folks at the licensing authorities are certainly are not the representatives of God to guarantee your actions or fate, including mine.

Since, distractions are sure reasons of road accidents, it is better to remain focused while on wheel. This not a new thing, as we have already done during our annual high school certificate earning examination. Enjoy your driving by playing slow music that your soul desires but it is a no, no; when it comes to texting, sexting or talking; using your ‘inseparably other self’ smart-phone or mobile. If you are too hungry, angry, frightened, threatened or feel bitten by your competitors and rivals of various types; it is wise to pause, rest, get back your composure and cool down before you jump to your vehicle to veer off to the wild. In case if you find the vehicle is not cool enough and required by its manufacture watering liberally or even patting on its back; then please do so. The instructions of the ‘creator’ for safe and optimum performance of the machine are to be obeyed also. The vehicle is a conglomeration of different mechanical parts that forms a unity for its mundane avatar. Though we only have real souls, your vehicle has a quantum soul, as well. It too requires nourishment. And that are mentioned in the manual for the vehicle, while purchasing it. In case, yours is a second-hand beauty, you may just plainly forget about any such thing as it might be a having a punctured soul and refurbished persona kept intact by extra-educated mechanics. Even it might be having a very dark past and may not last longer or obey you for sure. Just thank yourself that the vehicle is in one piece and along with it you are also the same person.  Do not neglect or put your inflated ego between you and your beast, whether it is new or old. It too requires lot of tender care and mechanical luv! So, be ‘careful’, in respect of your vehicle. Better, start a passionate affair with it for your own benefit as it is supposed to carry you as per your whims, at times.

Last but not the least; build yourself a reputation among your peers and allied persons that if you have work at a short distance, you prefer to walk your way and let the vehicle sleep. If you are already doing so, you are a candidate or receiving my thanks can declare yourself as a proud citizen who is environment friendly (know that, at least, you have polluted the common environment less and has helped in reducing the carbon footprint), a dignified personality and have contributed substantially towards saving the non-renewable fossil fuel. Additionally, you too, reduced your chance of getting involved in vehicular accidents for yourself and others.

Finally, if you want to go fast then, drive in a fast-lane and never in a lane meant for the slow drivers. Choose your destinations carefully and avoid the crowded roads, if that can be done.

Always drive to success and in pleasure. Avoid any road that is blocked or have myriad potholes. Do not try to incur exorbitant medical cost, just for wrong driving. It is far profitable to drive right.

If you are reaching your middle age, past of it or in whatever age-group, from time to time, make a habit of investing in a nice bicycle and merrily pedal it for robust health; and of course for a great change. I have no doubt that you will enjoy it by going to the countryside or to meet an ol’ friend who does not and cannot own a vehicle due to bad luck. He/she will appreciate your simplicity will not grudge you for his/her misfortune.

By doing so you are bound to discover many, many new things you had missed while driving your vehicle. In between driving your vehicle and bicycle; also find enough time to walk on the sideways or footpaths, as a humble human being that you are or used to be temporarily. During your brisk walks, you can safely recall your past in peace. It is a kind of healing, you will realise; in returning to one’s roots. After all, we humans are bipeds. Biped simply means an animal that walks on its two feet.

At a certain point of time, the evolution made us stand erect and helped us to walk efficiently on rock-beds, plain-lands, sand-dunes and soil-pits, etceteras of the forests. Along with a disproportionately unequal brain size, in comparison to other animals, we started to lord over all of them. We, too, ran while in danger using our organic two-wheeler. Our legs gave us much more than mere speed. That is how we came to be known as humans and the rest as animals or machines; including your vehicle!!