Friday, 5 June 2009


It is nice to remember that toady is earmarked as the world environment day for us to take affirmative and positive actions to save and regenerate nature. Most probably, many of us would certainly understand the importance of living in harmony with the myriad creations and components that go into making our beautiful earth whatever lies beyond it. We are the custodian of this vast reservoir of life sustaining system, most probable not existing elsewhere in the entire universe and therefore have the enormous responsibility of being aware of it, for the creations are revealed to us and other life forms through the consciousness, they are endowed with. Whatever that exits, is existing for a purpose and inseparable from each other. We can not understand the interplay of the force of nature as our capacity to comprehend them is severely restricted by our own capabilities that are limiting. However, we can still appreciate the beauties of nature by becoming one with it or by accepting that we are but the extension of the nature. Nature is never destroyed. It changes its shades. It is ever evolving. It is always complete.