Sunday, 29 June 2008


Everyone, down to the common man, is concerned with the future of the earth, as continuously the atmosphere is hotting up and widespread fluctuation is in evidence in the atmosphere. It is a consequence of the industrialization that has been set in so that we make progress and improve the conditions of our lives. In order to cater to the ever rising need of the swelling population and for the sake of comfort and convenience, it is almost next to impossible for us to reverse the process of mechanization of the planet for, in the coming decades, we would be requiring more and more energy and goods and services that too in a more efficient way, to cope up with the future demands.
One of the major reasons for the in-the making perilous future of ours appears to be related to the rising heat—mainly arising out of anthropogenic factors. Another area of concern is the depletion of natural resources and how to replenish them, once it is totally exhausted. Clean and cheaper energy has to be found out to compensate for the used and dispersed natural resources. It is necessary for us to find ways to reclaim and recycle them to cater to the gigantic consumption requirements of the mass societies of the future. The question is, is our scientific knowledge would be able to solve the problem and if yes, to what extent?
A section of the scientists are alarmed and have voiced concern about the fate of the human race, all other organism and the health of the earth itself. Now it has been clear that the natural and fundamentals parameters of the earth are being altered and affected for various reasons that may precipitate its own destruction. However, an immanent threat pertains to the rising heat. It is everyone’s knowing that the hotter the climate is the lesser would be our chance for effective survival. It is going to wipe out many of the habitats, surrounded by sea water and affect adversely the seasons. It may triggering massive alterations in the climatic cycles, crop patterns and the ability of the life forms to adopt and adjust to the extreme conditions.
Here, we have some easy as well as very difficult choices to make. If do not wake up to the unfolding realities, it is certain that we would be forced to take certain undesirable or unpleasant measures to save ourselves and the planet of ours. One is to continue with the present agenda of progress and be damned and the other is to forgo some of our comforts in favor of the common future of the human race and all other organisms. It is best and logical for us to immediately take effective steps to reduce the greenhouse gases. The rich countries are mainly responsible for the rapid rise in the amount of greenhouse gases though, the third world countries are no innocent, either. It is an area where manipulative, discriminative politics would prove counterproductive. Therefore, the rich advanced industrialized nations must urgently address the problem with all the sincerity it deserves and not indulge in dilly-dallying tactics to buy time by shifting the blame and responsibility to the poor countries.
Some of the leading scientists have now come out with few alternatives to normalize the ever rising heat. A section of the scientists believes that we can actually get ready to adjust to the hotter climate. Another group thinks that we can gear up our research and deploy scientific and technological techniques to 'treat' planet earth by means of the techniques and technologies being developed by a newly emerging discipline called geo-engineering. As per the existing 'symptoms' the scientists would make some necessary 'corrections' to the geo-systems of the earth. It is like treating a sick patient.
The 1991 eruption at the Mount Pinatubo of Philippines has caught their imagination and enthusiasm. It was found out that due to the release of sulphur particles from the volcano, the earth was actually cooled down by about half a degree Celsius. Additionally, it was also discovered that by pumping sea water to the atmosphere, it would be possible to lower the temperature of the earth. There are some other promising plans in waiting to demonstrate that we can actually treat the heat syndrome and do few other scientific juggling to correct the aberrations caused to the earth.
Certainly this scientific discipline is promising. Yet it also has generated much controversy in the scientific and political circles, for no body actually knows its far reaching consequences. But as things stand today, sooner or later, we would have no other choice but to try anything and everything including geo-engineering, for saving ourselves and our planet. But before that happens, it would be nice and practical, if we could change a little bit and have real concern for mother earth and mend our senseless ways to profit and enjoy.