Saturday, 19 April 2008


Though, I am not the self proclaimed prophet of a doomsday cult or a distinguished scientist of any description, or a born for ever genius; yet, it surely dawns upon me that man (allegedly the most intelligent and conscientious of all) is rather all out to cannibalize and guzzle up and ultimately annihilate mother earth that sustains life and consciousness (of our varieties and understanding); perhaps, in the entire cosmos. It certainly is too scary to realize that slowly, we are heading towards an unprecedented apocalypse beyond our imagination that would spell the end of the so called divine kingdom ours, believed to be established by god, who is further supposed to be the ultimate source of all of the existence in the ever expanding and contracting universe.
At times, I am forced to conclude that most probably without man the world would have been a much better and safer place with rest of the creatures and creations. Evidently, with a superior and complex brain man has acted not prudently and sagaciously but with utter carelessness and stupidity with a false sense of invincibility that is anything but stupidity of gigantic proportion. The main cause of this destructiveness of ours is rooted in and appears to be our gargantuan greed and arrogance that is misconstrued and nakedly silly. We are falsely under the impression that we are the best and most powerful species, having a so called soul (thought of as part of the Holy Spirit) that qualifies us to become the self appointed sole arbitrator of all the matters pertaining to the earth and beyond. It is rather funny to even think that man by any standard has an iota of commonsense and intelligence for he knows not what he does and he does what he knows not. His understanding of the intricacies of nature which basically means to discover some of the apparently working or workable partial natural laws at best just translates into a few jumbled up and mumbled up utilitarian ‘knowledge’, usually limiting and leads us further to more of the confusions than solutions. Today, our earth faces the gravest of dangers because of the senseless actions and of course inaction of human beings and the most absurd and imperfect knowledge that we have accumulated over the long years or ages of our so called intelligent existence. I would rather say that our absurd insights have been our main enemies for they are the insights of limitations and not expansion. This is so because, our quest to solve our problem are so much narrow and unidirectional that we have not been able to think that there are also other aspects to the problems or that the discovered solutions are not the real solutions at all. It in fact, it has created more and more problems for us and those insignificant‘others’, who form a symbiotic relation with us for our life’s continuance and living and theirs too. We have utterly failed to realize the simplest of the premises that it is virtually impossible or suicidal to proclaim that anything that lays beyond us are as a rule insignificant and we can carry on without them.
We must admit that the earth belongs to all of us that encompass the other organisms equally and when we think of our future, it certainly is tied up with their future also. We have to recognize the importance of each components of nature and have to stop treating them as mere appendages--the candidates for exploitation. This will help us to prevent the acceleration of the deluge which is unfolding at a very faster pace.