Saturday, 22 September 2007


Do you know that while the married drivers are in the good book of the insurers, the bachelors drivers are considered a excruciating pain in the neck and therefore the insurers charge them more than the married varieties with the premise that sooner or later, by providing them cover they themselves might blow up the lid of their own cover. While hunting for a temporary nest, it is not different either with the testosterone laced eligible bachelors who are asked the odd question of their marital status and than denied the privilege of hiring a room. They are driven out at times with the proposal of exorbitant rent and pathetic terms. Like the sagacious insurers, the suspicious looking house owners and proud fathers of their plum daughters think that these snooty fellows always secretly carry a mug full of black paints and should therefore need no sympathy or a place to hide under the sun including their house.
If at all you are a miser and a teen, yet want to lower your insurance load to be more comfortable with your already dry life, it is better for you to skid your troubled years and start ageing faster. You too need to occupy a cave in an eerie village near to the highway, for they say that rural areas have lower accident rates than the densely populated cities since the likelihood of an accident is much greater that experiences greater traffic and trafficking. They also believe that the inexperienced teens would most probably cause more accidents by sheer design and predispositions that may ruin them of their bright futures. The insurers feel that these reckless teens are all out to push them into a tizzy and the hell of bankruptcy by sooner or later evaporating their nearly filled coffers.
Than, if you are about to buy a limousine sort of beauty, you may better heed the insurers fast lane prescriptions to quickly abandon the plan and settle down for an extra cheap lousy beast of your choice that is preferably much weather beaten and is a gem of the secondhand goods market. The insurers loves you much and likes your vehicle only when both of you are in poor conditions. Oh yes, for that they reward you by patting on your back and charging less and less, thinking that the liabilities of yours is really dwindling.
But just look at that-- since certain vehicles are the darlings of the thieves, the extra cautious insurers warn you in the best interests of yours and of course theirs by sermonizing that it is best not to own a magnetic vehicle that attracts the creepy thieves like the ointment calling the flies. If you are still adamant of and want to drive it, than do so at your own expenses and risks by coughing up extra hefty sums as the premium to the insurers. But then also remain prepared to be at the receiving end of the never ending road and get ready to be taken for a ride by the sneaky guys and gals on the prowl.