Thursday, 24 May 2007


Government will have to promote industrialization and mining activities and simultaneously develop the required infrastructure to satisfy and cope with the demands of modernization and economic needs of the people at home and the requiem of international markets. In the present context it has become an imperative because of rapid urbanization and phenomenal surge in rabid consumerism mainly arising out of opening of societies due to information explosion. The heightened pace of the acceleration process is compounded since we have already entered the globalization era under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO) remotely controlled by few of the developed countries.
The avowed aim of these forces is to pursue an exploitative policy by various devious means and to bring the poor developing countries to their knees helpful in creating an unequal world just ripe for them to harvest. In plain terms it is a blueprint for loot under the grab of international legality. The vast untapped natural resources and the mainstay economic backbone of majority of the countries—agriculture is the prime target of the pro-rich countries for reasons not very difficult to find out. Here lies the real potential for reaping huge profits, though sadly at the cost of the defenseless billions of people, who equally own the earth along with rest of the affluent.
Many governments of the Third World countries have gone bust with empty coffers and the inept and corrupt bureaucracy. In the fast lane of ‘external assistance, liberal loan and reform’, very fast these poor countries are moving towards a cage of dependency. It is an attempt to take away their independence through the back doors by the neocolonialists. In India, for example, the (in)famous East India Company and its consanguineal and affinal relatives are already in, to make hay and stir mayhem ready with new text and context.
As a fallout of the slowly unveiling new world order, in order to prepare the grounds for rapid decimation of the developing countries, new exotic and intellectually stimulating development mantras are being doctored and churned out by experts that are blatantly perverse and suffer from any legitimacy or validity.
Through these sick concepts and tools of progress and development, the fragile backbones of the governments in the developing countries are being broken so that they will succumb to the diabolical machinations, paving ways for their entry. They are told to abandon their social responsibilities and to concentrate on creating wealth for domestic and international trade and business interests. They are also further told to facilitate the transfer of the common resources of the people, including the forests, lands and water resources. And that too, as soon as possible and at the lowest rate which simply translates to no rate. What will happen to the uprooted people in the process, no body knows.
While the multinational business, mining and industrial interests are rapidly cornering the natural resources for paltry sum of money and rabid comical obligations, the people who actually won it; continue to suffer. It is a fact that rapid increase in industrial, mining and infrastructural activities has, in recent times, uprooted million of people from their home and hearth and violated the local environment, which may not be possible to repair again. It certainly is a permanent loss for all of us. In this scenario, neither the cash starved governments have bettered their condition nor the people gained in any positive manner. Even as the per capita income of the people of Third World falls sharply, the incidence of poverty, impoverishment and disease is increasing exponentially. In this context, it is required that the countries of the underdeveloped and developed Third World must ponder about their very survival in this new world order. True power remains with the people and not with anyone else. They can win and will win, by acting together.