Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Circa 1987 A.D. The future blogger with his first email ID and no one to connect to; sitting in awe, in the land of clouds (Shillong, Meghalaya, India).

Monday, 22 September 2008


I often wondered if God forgot to create food for the creatures so that they can survive without violating others. Take for example, the world of the animals where might is the only right and food only means the taking of life of other animals for even surviving for a day. The cardinal natural law seems to be that of extinguishing life by devouring it and in turn get the space to be alive. Whether it is the plants or the animals or the birds or any other forms of life including man; it can not exist without the destruction of some other life forms. It seems as if all are part of each other and must compete for their being at the cost of others. It appears to the only way the life forms can proliferate and virtually have no other alternatives left with them. The decimation or annihilation of life rests on primordial drives like hunger, fear, procreation, competition, domination and the like. It is so savage that at times I shudder to admit that all these were designed by a higher power called God who is considered to be divine and compassionate. Further, it appears totally out of place to attribute the savage ugliness of the world to a supreme power that ought to be most benevolent and intelligent, if we are to accept that that he alone is the cause of the creation and he is the ultimate destination. How can such a supreme holiness be the cause of the deluges that are enacted by the beings without a pause? Or should we say that death, destruction, obliteration and therefore violence are the ways of the God?
What is true for the so called lower forms of animals is equally true for the humans, except that we perpetuate it in his name and supposedly in his direction while, the animals do it without admitting him. As a first act, we crown ourselves as the sons and daughters of the divine by various devious means and set out to tear him apart into several parts claiming each to be the real one. Thereafter, we set out to finish each other—even better than the lower forms of animals who do not claim his ancestry. For man God is nothing than an orgasm, but a gory one. And God, an abandoned and much much abused and tortured orphan.
It would have been better, if God would have never existed or may be he actually exists not except in our imagination. But if really somewhere out there, than he is certainly beyond understandings for he ought to be right and is responsible for the happenings that remain beyond the qualification of any one.
As an agnostic-atheist-spiritualist; still, I do believe in him (though, admittedly I do not know his name or qualities) and want to respect each and every components of the creation by accepting that religion means just few simple things like respecting others, finding unity with others and fostering peace, non-violence and love by accepting that the realities are temporal and transient. The world of ours simply binds us together and we interchange—merge and emerge from each other as souls and bodies finally becoming the eternal nothingness.