Saturday, 27 October 2007


Whenever I wanted to travel to relax, I always preferred to travel to unconventional places. I never go out to see the usual or the wonders of the world. My trips take me to the wild and unknown, where I find enough time to search the me in me in solitude and far removed from the hustle and bustle of the madding crowd. It refurbishes and rejuvenates my soul. Though, it does not make me wise enough to tale the stories to my eagerly awaiting friends and family members, I prefer to keep the secrets to myself and look naïve, after I am back. I do it purposefully, knowing well that it can have hardly any names.
The best part my travel is cast in anonymity. I go to the places where there are none to recognize me and act as my tour operator or guide. I find them the spoilers and nothing more. It is exhilarating to walk a busy street unnoticed or having a definite direction. After all, I want to avoid the directions that I am expected to follow in my daily life. I believe, why go out and still become the same, from which one wants to escape? It is meaningless to spend lot of money to get into the traps of the routines of the hungry sharks in wait to divert your serene paths towards their own. The travel has to be one's creative best. And I do it as I like.